Albany: a Trilinos-based PDE Code

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Albany is a PDE code built from numerous Trilinos packages.

Albany is a parallel, unstructured grid finite element code, complete with transformational analysis capabilities such as embedded optimization and UQ. It serves as a testbed, a development environment, and an example code for the algorithms, interfaces and software quality tools in the Trilinos framework.

Albany Capabilitites

The capabilities in Albany can be organized by Trilinos Capability Area.

Software Environment


Analysis Capabilities

Linear Solvers


Mesh Database and Partitioning

Mesh I/O

Scalability on New Architectures

Shape Optimization

Problems are...

Albany Contacts and Acknowledgments

Albany is led by Andy Salinger, Glen Hansen, Eric Phipps, and Jake Ostien. Questions can be sent to,, or .

Contributors to Albany include Steve Sun, Alejandro Mota, Julien Cortial, Erik Nielsen, Irina Kalashnikova, Qiushi Chen, David Littlewood, Mauro Perego, Suzy Gao, Brian Granzow, Reese Jones, Dan Ibanez, James Overfelt, James Thunes, Jay Foulk, John Red-Horse, Seegyoung Seol, Juan Rojas, Tim Wildey, Bill Spotz, Steve Bova, Jonathan Zimmerman, Michael Parks, Todd Coffey, David C. Lonie, Max Bloomfield, Ray Tuminaro, Cameron Smith, Brent Perschbacher, Chris Siefert, David M. Hensinger, James Willenbring, Richard Muller, Roger Pawlowski, Roscoe Bartlett, James Overfelt, Curt Ober, Bart van Bloemen Waanders, Denis Ridzal, Pavel Bochev, Carter Edwards, Greg Sjaardema, and Nathan Fabian.

The project was strongly influenced by Trilinos developers, STK developers, and CSRF management.